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                          2000   -  2004  -  Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

                                                           B.S. Industrial Design,


                          1996   -  1999  -  Polytechnic University of P.R.

                                                           3 years of architecture studies,


                          1992   -  1996  -  Central High School of Visual Arts, Santurce P.R.

                                                           High school diploma specialized in graphic design and fine arts.


· Experience


2017-present - Founder and chief designer  SVLETA eyewear

2017-present - CEO at Faramar Group LLC.

2016-present - FOunder of Artsy Hive LLC.

2014-2017  -  Founder and Lead designer at Vysen Eyewear

·2012-present  - Founder and Lead designer at Orbita Studio, Inc.

 ·2002-2012  -  Industrial Designer - Reflex Design, Inc.

 ·United States based design firm for Greenmaster Industrial Corp.  Taiwan.

·Responsibilities include all design work completed for Greenmaster.

 Concept sketching - Communication with clients to meet their   design standards,

3D DATA and day to day communication with engineers to finalized tooling files.

·Manage and prioritize projects development to meet deadlines.

·Developed fitness equipment for Diadora, Intersport and Reebok Europe.

·Developed consumer products for Jarden Consumer Solutions, Inc.

·Prepare client presentations for Target, Walmart, & many other national chains

                                                                         and office superstores.

·Manage the internship program at Reflex Design Inc..

·8 years of regular travel to Taiwan and Europe for project work and client meetings.


 2007-Present  -  Freelance designer for Architec inc. and Plastec inc.

                    Developing and constructing 3D DATA for kitchen and outdoor products.


 2001  -   2002  -  Part Time Industrial Designer - Reflex Design Inc.


2001   -  Internship - Reflex Design Inc.

                      Concept sketching, 3-D modeling, concept selected for development and production.


 1995  -   1999  -  Architectural Illustrator - Trias Consultant Architect.


· Skills


                          ·Management Initiative prioritizing product development to meet project deadline.

                          ·Strong skills in communicating concepts and ideas through visual sketches.

                          ·Highly Proficient in Solidworks ( Extensive surface modeling, solid part construction

                                and large assembly management for production ).

                          ·Highly Proficient in Creative Suites 3, Microsoft Office, model making, marker rendering,

                                3D renderings and photography.

                          ·Experienced in product brand building and management.

                          ·Strong understanding of the industry and trends.

                          ·Excellent  presentation skills.

                          ·Excellent knowledge of materials and processes.

                          ·Experienced in working with  international vendors.

                          ·Work well as a creative team member as well as the lead of a project team.

                          ·Energized by fast-paced and dynamic environments.

                          ·Self-motivated team player with a positive attitude.

                      ·Able to juggle multiple projects and think across different

                                brands that vary in tone and consumer needs.

                      ·Bilingual ( Spanish and English ).


· Awards


                             2014   -  Red Dot Award - Remington Electric Shaver

                             2004  -  IDSA Merit Award winner

                             2004  -  Best portfolio in industrial design, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

                             2004  -  Magna Cum Laude, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

                             1996  -  Best portfolio in graphic design specialization, Central High School of Visual Arts,

                                                Santurce P.R.

Design Patents:

                        Remington electric Shaver -


                        Remington base charger -

                        Remington Shaver -


                        Remington Shaver -


                        Loto Labs Electronic vaporizer device -          assignee=loto+labs&oq=loto+labs


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